Lake Regional Health Center Website is Live

Lake Regional Health Center Website is Live

Back in the mid-90's, Lake Regional Health System was one of the very first Penn Communications clients. Ten years and two re-designs later, we continue to work together!

The new website is live at  

We've completely redesigned the site, which showcases several new features, including e-cards, virtual tours, site search, and email subscriptions. 

Laura Gajda, Director of Lake Regional's Public Relations department and Foundation, is excited about the upgrades.  "Our new website has a fresh design and is easier to use than our previous one.  With the increased importance of the Internet as a resource, Lake Regional Health System recognized the value of upgrading the site.  We think that users will find it engaging, user-friendly and informative.  New material and features continue to be added so check back often."

Thanks Lake Regional! 

Posted: 2007-12-13

Reader Comments

very nice design!


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