JabberGroups is Almost Live!

JabberGroups is Almost Live!

We are so excited about the progress being made at JabberGroups.com!

What exactly is JabberGroups?  Simply, it is an online group management tool. Do you have a group? Then you can use JabberGroups to help you keep it all together.

Now, in all honesty, I'm developing JabberGroups.com to help manage and communicate with the folks involved in Refuge Ministries.  So, I am personally using this tool right now on a daily basis to organize our youth ministry and worship 'congregation.' 

On Wednesday nights at Refuge Youth, I simply setup the laptop and (if the WiFi winds are blowing in the right direction), we capture all new visitor data as they walk in the door. Afterwards, while I am watching Lost, I can review, upload profile photos, send out emails (and soon text messages) to the group, and scan over the attendance list to see who I need to follow up with. All within JabberGroups.com.

The great thing is this -- because it is online, I don't have to be strapped to an office PC to keep up with the youth group.

I'll share more about JabberGroups.com as we roll this baby out!


Posted: 2009-04-26

Reader Comments

This is great! We've been looking for an online youth group management solution. Will give it a try!


I hope you enjoy it!


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