JabberText.com Provides Group Text Messaging For Organizations Nationwide

JabberText.com Provides Group Text Messaging For Organizations Nationwide

Group Text Messaging :: JabberText.comMexico, Missouri-based JabberText.com is a bulk text messaging service used by hundreds of businesses and organizations throughout the United States.  

The father and sons team of David Penn (former president of United Credit Union), Matthew Penn (owner of Penn Communications) and Michael Penn created JabberText from the ground up primarily as a way for church youth groups to communicate with teenagers.  Launched in November, 2008, the web-based service now has a wide range of customers -- from nightclubs in New York City to farming cooperatives in Idaho and Nebraska.

The market for texting is expansive. In fact, Americans alone sent more than  110 billion text messages last year, double the number in the previous year. More text messages are sent today than cell phone calls.

Bethany Hospice in Pittsburgh, PA uses the JabberText.com service to communicate throughout the day with their field staff.  "We use Jabbertext as our primary means of communicating with our team as they go about their visits," says Crystal Macom.  "The texting service is a vital resource that enables us to respond quickly and efficiently to patient needs."

 Carl Spina, who is head coach of the Saline, Michigan High School Cross Country team also uses Jabbertext. He says, "Jabbertext is great because it reaches the kids instantly. Kids rarely check their emails, but they always have their cell phones with them. With Jabbertext, I can reach all 65 runners on my team, cheaply, in just a few seconds."

The JabberText.com service costs as little as 2 cents per message credit and allows for unlimited groups and contacts, scheduling of messages and an online inbox for tracking responses. For more information, and to sign up for a free 10-credit trial, you can visit www.JabberText.com.

Posted: 2010-01-31

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