GodTube.com Takes Off

GodTube.com Takes Off

Well now we have yet another Christian-version of a popular website. In this case, GodTube.com hopes to be the faith-based imitator of popular video hosting site YouTube.com (and all those others that never get press). At first glance it seems kinda cool. In fact, I am always looking for great family-oriented websites that I can recommend to the parents that support our youth ministry.  Sites like pluggedinonline.com, family.org and crosswalk.com are great Christian resources. But it frustrates me when I see well-meaning people try to "Christian-ize" anything that is popular in today's culture.  There's a 'christian' version of myspace.com....a 'christian' version of google. And now YouTube. It seems to me, as Christians, we should be in the business of ENGAGING and INFLUENCING popular culture -- not isolating ourselves from it. We seem so worried about secular culture corrupting us, that we forget about Christ's words to be "salt and light" in this world. How can we be "salt" when we are set upon creating our own little sub-culture within society?

Posted: 2007-03-22

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i left extensive comments on your blog about Godtube and when i submitted them it said 'we are experiencing technical difficulties'! when i backed up, my comments were all gone! aha! you don't really want to know what i think, do you!? the nutshell version of my comments are that i would agree with your stand for mature Christians, but will argue that the 'salt and light' principle does not apply to children. and even went so far as to hold accountable those Christian parents who send their children to anti-God, secular schools expecting them to be salt and light, when they obviously lack the training and maturity to be salt and light. I'm reminded of 1 Corinthians 15:33. It is far more likely that the Christian children bring home the dirty jokes and disrespectful behaviour, rather than the non-Christian children taking home Scripture. Imagine if Jesus was sent to Roman schools from age 3 (as some parents are wont to do today)? in His day, children were trained at home (like the Bible says to do), then the boys completed their training at the synagogue. by age 12, young ladies would have been adequately trained to manage a household, look to the affairs of her husband (or father if she were unmarried), and perhaps with a bit more maturity and training, well able to run her own business. The young men had the responsibility of providing for their families.

Tauna P

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