What's Next?

What's Next?

Sadly, this will be my final week as a youth worker at Centennial Baptist Church. It has been an incredible ride with incredible people and an awesome God! But I feel God pulling me in a different direction right now -- to look at the possibilities of reaching students in new, bold ways outside of "the box."

The facts are staggering:

Is it a problem with the church? Is there something wrong with how we "do" Youth Groups? Does the blame lie at the feet of broken families? Is it a cultural problem?

Well, yes -- all of the above.

Is it a problem too big for God? Of course not!

But sometimes we need to step away from our cozy comfort zones to hear God more clearly. For me, that means stepping away from the church of my childhood and joining some other like-minded folks who really care for today's students.

What will this "new thing" look like? I don't know exactly yet. I can say that a local business has approached us and offered the regular use of their building for the purpose of reaching students for Christ! And other pieces are coming together as well.

Stay tuned to this blog, and please be in prayer for the birth of this new youth ministry.


Posted: 2008-02-26

Reader Comments

It's been great to have seen this turn into a reality!

Cody Melton

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