Mexico Public School's Website is Live

Mexico Public School's Website is Live

Penn Communications has just gone live with the new website of Mexico Public Schools. The new site offers a fresh, modern design, along with a powerful content management system that allows for in-house management of the website.

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting with about 40 teachers who will be the first to begin creating their own classroom webpages. They were excited about the new tools -- and also had some great suggestions for future improvements to the site.

Thanks to Kevin, Jennifer, and Jenn, for allowing me the privilege of working on this project!

Posted: 2008-03-10

Reader Comments

I was a chilean student exchange in 1968. I knowed, Carol Lankford, Betty Fuemmeler, Carol Wegener, Patty Natch, and more people. Please let me know the addres of this people. The school was very interesting for me. I liked very much. Regards for all comunity. Marcela Gonzalez

Marcela González G.

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